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Friday, October 22, 2010

Still Best dot ca Deal [Updated 2015]

Deals 4 Canada Presents - NamesPro - Best Dot CA Price!

Updated April 2015
Wow! Looking for a URL for your site? NamesPro is still offering the best price on dot ca domains after all these years!
FTC Disclosure: Deals 4 Canada is pleased to be an affiliate of NamesPRo, which means we get a little something to keep the lights on when you make a purchase. Thanks.

What deals does namespro have for you?
Try out the search box, and discover your URL today! - Register your domains for $12.88 CDN. CIRA certified. Lowest price in Canada. Click here.

Well, my little online hobby is just about 3 years old now, so I thought I’d look into the aspect of getting an official site name. Checking out several services has shown me that there are a myriad of different options for domains - the cheapest being dot coms.
If you want a dot ca to show your Canadian roots, the best price I’ve been able to find is – Where you can register your domains for $12.88 CDN.
CIRA certified. Lowest price in Canada. Click here.

or search to see if your preferred url is available  using this handy search box!

Why do I think this is an amazing price? If you join CIRA to become a registration company, it costs $8.50 and taxes for each dot ca you register, then there are your membership fees on top.
What I like about is it comes directed at a free choice of webpage while you are building your site:

  • under construction, 
  • site for sale or an 
  • online business card. 

Note: When you fill out the form it will automatically create an invoice showing the cost for 2 years, but you can opt for a different term, by clicking “edit item”, and choose from one to ten years.  Hmm.. it might be a good idea to select a longer term, because the prices may go up in the future. On the other hand, you may wish to only join for a year if you’re just dabbling.
Let me know if you find a better dot ca deal than  Register your domains now for $12.88 CDN. CIRA certified. Lowest price in Canada. Click here.

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