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Monday, October 5, 2009

Are you Protected? Save up to 50% !

 This just in!             Exclusive Internet offer! Only available online with :

McAfee Total Protection for only $39.99 after 50% off. Regularly $79.99.

NEW File Protection!  Password protect your PC files  with
Anti-Theft encryption software. (included as a BONUS Internet download). 

McAfee Money Back Guarantee

All the following are also included:

NEW Network Monitoring Alerts you when intruders try to connect to your wireless home network.

Email and IM Link Checker Link Checker identifies and prevents you from clicking on harmful web site links in your browser, email, or instant messages.

If you aren't storing vital files on your computer, and you don't have a wireless home network, you might be able to get by with  the following part of the package:

Get McAfee Internet Security for only $34.99 after 50% off. Regularly $69.99.

Identity Protection Shop, bank and trade online safely McAfee  asks permission before sending persona identifiable information like PIN’s, bank accounts, Social Security numbers  from your PC.

IMPROVED Anti-spam Keep your inbox free of  unwanted, fraudulent, offensive emails.

Parental Controls Define times for  your children go online safely.

Data Backup Save copies of your  files automatically on  a CD/DVD, USB, external, or network drive.

On a really tight budget? You can still  get a protection deal on the basic essentials part of the pack:

Get McAfee VirusScan Plus for only $29.99 after 25% off. Regularly $39.99.

NEW QuickScan
Check for threats in commonly infected areas  in  10 min or less (seconds on newer  machines)

Network Manager Easy,  automatic printer and file sharing across computers on your home network Easily fix security issues on your home network from one PC.

Web Site Safety Ratings Adds safety ratings to sites and search engine results based  so you know exactly which  sites  are  safe to visit.

Anti-phishing Warns you before accessing dangerous scam sites that try to steal your personal information.

Shredder Effectively remove  all traces of confidential files from your computer.

Computer maintenance Automated tools to keep your PC running at peak performance.

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