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Friday, October 10, 2014

B3G3 3 Tips to Save The Most During Body Shop Buy 3 Get 3 Free Event - Ends 10/13!

Love Body Shop? Grab Three Free Body Shop Faves Plus Enjoy Free Shipping!

FTC Disclaimer: We're thankful Body Shop chose us as an affiliate to bring our readers great deals and get help putting food on our table when readers make purchases through our links. See our policy for more details.
Body Shop - What are your favourites? Now is the ideal time to treat yourself to your favourite Body Shop items when you can get three free, or grab three free items to give away for presents! Here are three tips to help you get the most from this  Buy 3 Get 3 Free + Free Shipping on Orders $50+ - Offer valid 10/10-10/13.
Let's go shopping together!

Body Shop -3 Great Saving Tips for Body Shop Buy 3 Get 3 Free Event

Body Shop- Buy 3 Get 3 Free Until October 13

How can you get the best deals during the Body Shop Buy 3 Get 3 Free Event? Here are three savings tips,you might find helpful.
  1. During a Buy 3 Get 3 Free Event, it is your three lowest priced items that you get free. Perhaps this is something you already know, but it was new to me at one time. To get your greatest savings, search for the highest priced items on the Body Shop website. Body Shop typically doesn't have high priced items. The highest priced items I could find on the Body Shop Site were:
    Each indulgent bath and body gift includes Shower Gel, Soap, Body Scrub, Body Butter, and co-ordinated Mini Crinkle Lily all wrapped up in a festive ribboned box.Which would you choose? Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma, or Honey Mania. Unfortunately, not eligible for B3G3.
    Body Shop Argon Body Care Bundle $65 Value Only $40
    Exclusive Online Bundle! Enjoy Wild Argan Oil Body Butter with Argan Oil Rough Scrub and Argan Oil The Radiant Oil for a complete body care ritual! A $65 value! What a lovely present! Unfortunately, not eligible for B3G3.

    Body Shop : Cruelty free Red Musk $45
    Lasting eau de Parfum: Spiced musk with hot notes of cinnamon and intense tobacco for a distinctly different fragrance.Contains cruelty-free musk.Unfortunately, not eligible for B3G3.

    Body Shop: Drops of Youth Eye Care Bundle $66 Value Only $50
    Fight under eye bags, aging and fine lines with this duo. Enriched with Community Fair Trade Babbasu Oil Unfortunately, not eligible for B3G3.
    Arrrgh! After all this shopping, I noticed the "Exclusions apply!" Unfortunately, none of the above are eligible for the buy 3 get 3 free offer.   Highest priced item I could find eligible?
  2. Shop Body shop Tea Tree Oil Skin Care Set $25
    Combat breakouts and tackle excess oil with travel-friendly Tea Tree favourites featuring Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya. Includes: 2.0 fl oz Tea Tree Oil Skin ClearingToner 2.0 fl oz Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Facial Wash 0.5 fl oz Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Lotion .33 fl oz Tea Tree Oil; all in a handy re-usable mesh bag with zip closure!
    Eligible for B3G3Free
  3. Body Shop Buy 3 Get 3 event offers free shipping with a $50 purchase -$25 lower than the usual free shipping level. So be sure your order is at least $50. On a budget? Purchase 6 $20 items. This gives $120 of  fab Body Shop for only $60 and free shipping! What would you buy? Here are some of our faves for $20:

    Body Shop All in One BB Cream Top Canadian Beauty Award Winner $20
    Amazing NEW BB cream changes colour to suit your complexion, hydrates and fills!
    Eligible for B3G3 Free 

    Body Shop Men's Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter $20
    Qualifies for B3G3 Free

    Body Shop Must for Intensive Moisturizing Almond Body Butter $20 
    Eligible for Buy 3 Get 3 Free

    Body Shop Must for Sensitive Skin- Aloe Soothing Night Cream $20
    Eligible for B3G3

    Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub $20
    Did you know men perceive women wearing Grapefruit scent as 5 years younger?
    Revitalize normal skin with this zesty scrub containing corncob granules. Soften up those knees, elbows and heels!
    Eligible for B3G3 Free
    Firm, Fight Signs of Fatigue and Sun Protection SPF 15
    Peruvian Maca Root, Community Trade Brazil Nut Oil, Community Trade Aloe Vera
    Energize- Moisturize -Sooth Great for Sensitive Skin
    Eligible for B3G3 Free
  4. There are a tonne of $20 products to choose from at Body Shop. What are your favourites?
  5. Do you have a Body Shop VIP Card? Remember to choose this when you check out. Unfortunately, new memberships are not available. 
Happy Shopping Savings! Hopefully my shopping trip will save you some time on your shopping trip!
  The Body Shop Canada Buy 3 Get 3 Free

1 comment:

Suzanne Sholer said...

What are your Body Shop faves? Unfortunately, there is no Body shop where we live, so it's online shopping for us.
How far away is your closest Body Shop?
With free shipping, unless you can walk to your Body shop, online shopping can save you a bundle on gas and time!

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