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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmess - Recycling Tips!

Winter Waste and Recycling Tips!

Recycling and Waste Pickup is on Holiday scheduling this week most places, so if your pick up is regularly Monday it's Tuesday,Tuesday-it's Wednesday,and so on. White or clear bags are very difficult to see against the snow.Residents are asked to please use black or green bags during the winter season. This week is green box fibre recycling in our neighbourhood.Since we have a limit of 2 bags,and extra tags are $3 each. You can save a bundle by recycling. Your recycling regulations may be different than ours. Check your local municipal website or call 211 for your local details. Here’s what’s in our fibre bins ,and what’s not. How does it compare with yours?

recycle-bin-2961291032929QDJ Christmas Trees

Residents are reminded to bring formerly live Christmas trees to any City landfill site,where they will be composted along with any other yard waste . Please remove all ornaments, tinsel and other decorations for your tree to be accepted at no cost.

Fibre Recycling this Week!

This week's Green Bin fibre recycling pick up includes the following recyclables in your bin:

  • Wrapping Materials –Non-metallic wrapping paper and greeting cards. Gift bags accepted with rope, metal handles or other decals removed.

  • Newspaper/Fine Paper – Newspapers, insert flyers,
    catalogues, magazines, phone books, mail, writing paper and envelopes (including window envelopes).

  • Other Packaging – Brown paper bags, fibre egg cartons, toilet/paper towel rolls and paper coffee cups (without plastic lids – those go in the blue box).

  • Boxboard – Boxboard includes cereal, cracker, detergent, drug, shoe, gift and tissue boxes. Remove liners and handles. Wax coated boxes such as frozen food boxes and ice cream cartons can also be added to your green

  • Corrugated Cardboard – Cardboard has a rippled layer in the middle and includes clean pizza boxes. Remove tape and other material from boxes. Break  into flat pieces and bundle. The bundle must be no larger than your green recycle box. Maximum size:
    2ft x 2ft x 2ft or 61cm x 61cm x 61cm.

  • Books – Hard and soft cover books.

  • Shredded Paper –in a plastic bag

Soiled Paper Not Recyclable

Did your cat, dog,kid, or car leak on your paper? Did your kid blow their nose on it? –Anything dirty-THAT’S GARBAGE! Here are some other types of paper besides paper towel / facial tissue that are not accepted in our recycling:

  • shipping envelopes with bubble liner.
  • corn –based biodegradable paper
    products (i.e. drinking cups) and pet food bags.
  • peat pots, and Clementine boxes

How do you save by recycling? Drop us a comment below. Want to chat about anoyther frugal living tip or deal? Pop up to the Freebies 4 Canada Facebook page or Tweet us! YrHelper Infonut 

Recycle Bin by Peter Griffin

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