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Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Christmas Turkey Foodland Bucks!

Foodland Best Buys !

Shopping Foodland could reward you with a free turkey at Christmas time,and this week,it’s Double Turkey bucks!
Buy almost anything in the store,and for every $50 you purchase,get 2 turkey bucks.After this week ,it will only be one turkey buck,so now is the time to stock up on some great buys! What are the great Omemee Foodland buys this week?

image Earn 2 Turkey Bucks with each $50 purchase


  • Apples 3 pounds 1.97 for Three pounds
Wise shoppers will take a minute to read the labels, and chose which apples best suit their purposes. Some are best for eating,applesauce,or pies. Plastic is the enemy of most foods. Pie apples van be sliced and frozen,apples for applesauce as well.  Eating apples make delicious dried apple slices.
  • Carrots and Onions 2 for $5 pound bag Storing carrots tip-remove from plastic bag, place loosely on paper tools in the crisper bin,when thoroughly dry,return to plastic bag.Carrots can also be blanched and frozen or dehydrated.  Onions can be hung in an old stocking knotted between each,chopped and frozen,or dried, You can even plant a couple in a flowerpot for fresh green onion tops.
  • Iceberg lettuce 1.49 the Green Giant variety has ‘Boxtops for education’ codes on them Rinse,tear apart, and store in a bowl with paper towels in the bottom to absorb moisture,or crew rinse,then set on the counter covered with a damp tea towel

Prepared Foods

  • Heinz Beans .57 cents - Available in a wide variety of flavours Heinz Beans can be used as a base for other recipes, and stretched as soup when mashed and mixed with water and seasonings,
  • Compliments Kidney beans 99 cents large tin  – Add to Heinz Chili Style beans as a stretcher
  • Mr. Noodle 25 cents -A great buy ,and handy to add onto other recipes as well each has 4 g of Protein


  • Nodica Cottage Cheese by Gay Lea 2.99 has a coupon match! The coapons can be found in the booklets by the Smucker's Jam,and Gaylea Margarine.
  • Compliments Cheese slices 3.99 - seek out the thin slices to stretch your budget.

Bread Room

  • Dempsters 600g loaf 2 for $5 Use the 50 cent coupon that was on the tear pad inshore last week,or the coupon in the Smucker's jam booklet.
  • Cereals –There are a number of cereals with coupons with everything from bananas to gasoline check expiry dates carefully.


  • Kraft Peanut butter 2.47  - Wide variety Worst pick?-Whipped Peanut butter read the label-you can whip it yourself at home, My pick? The unsweetened, unsalted variety. Check the ingredient lists, and decide for yourself.


  • Roasting Chicken 1.97 per pound –buy the largest size for more neat per pound Slice down the center, and cooked ‘flattened to save time and electricity,then cube and freeze to add to salads,sauces,etc.-Think condiment, rather than main course.
Important Nutrition Note: Peanut butter,and beans need to be eaten with whole grains,and milk to form a complete protein.

Coupon Tear Pads to watch for:

  • Silk Soy beverage & So Good-near the dairy case
  • Breakfast Capons from Smucker –Coupon booklet –huge savings!
  • Splenda $3 coupon with recipes
  • Eaglebrand milk
  • Vim cleaners

Free with Purchase

  • Free cheese with Taco kit
Note Your Foodland may be different. This is what I found at the Omemee Foodland.
Happy shopping!
Please share your Foodland comments and shopping tips in the comments. Want to chat about sonething else? Pop up to our Freebies 4 Canada Facebook page.
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