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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back-to-School Clothes? 10 Money-Saving Tips!

Back-to-School Clothes Shopping?

Back-to-school clothes costs really mount up - especially with more than one child. These tips adapted from Canadian Living back-to-school clothes tips can help!

Ten Back-to-School Clothes Shopping Saving Tips

  1. Buy only what your child needs from a shopping list. Before shopping, check out all your kids clothes together to determine what is really needed. Go on a scavenger hunt of your house, and car for missing items.
  2. Designate a shopper,so there aren't overlaps in purchases. If relatives want to help out, try making am online list everyone can access.
  3. Buy quality,and go for larger sizes wherever safety is not an issue. Quality garments can last longer. Cotton outlasts polyester, and merino wool is longer-lasting than acrylic. Follow care instructions precisely to keep clothes in top condition.
  4. Re-sell your kids' old clothes at consignment boutiques, used-clothing stores or a yard sale. Best re-sale bets? Unstained recognized brands like Gap, Gymboree or The Children's Place and so on.
  5. Host a clothing swap Get friends and relatives together for a 2-hour clothing swap party. More fun, and easier on the pocket book!
  6. Second-hand, not second best Fussy dressers? Focussing on the environmental angle year round can help here. Shop at consignment boutiques, second-hand stores and yard sales in your community's trendy,or upscale areas to get better quality used clothes.
  7. Shop online with stores that offer rewards points. Shopping online saves you gas, and aggravating line-ups. PLUS the rewards you earn, can help you save even more.
  8. Shop used online Search for used kids' clothes on eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji,or Marketplace to get yard-sale prices saving gas and time searching for yard sales.
  9. Buy later Get one new back-to-school outfit now, so they're excited about returning to class, but wait till fall clothing prices drop. In a few weeks, kids have a better idea of what they really 'need'.
  10. Buy year-round Back-to-school shopping by stocking up through the year? Shopping this season's sales for next year's sizes,can be tricky. Stick to roomy basics with stretch:For examplet this deal Kids hoodies - only $12.97 at! Yoga pants, plain short- and long-sleeve teesare also good choices. Avoid anything form fitting,  trendy, or with branded personalities - this year's heart-throb may be toast next year.
See the Original Canadian Living Article :How to save money on back-to-school clothesby Yuki Hayashi 
Disclosure - This post contains sponsored links.(so does the one at Canadian Living-but thy don't tell you that)
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