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Friday, June 24, 2011

Great Savings! Teach Your Baby Sign at home with WeeHands DVD! It Could Save Your Life!

Teaching My Baby Sign Saved My Life!

Save Your Sanity,and maybe even your life with  40% off savings on WeeHands at Home DVD
When I taught my daughter ASL over twelve years ago, I never imagined it would one day save my life!
Communicating with your little one before they can speak can be a frustrating experience. But, children are able to sign much earlier than they can talk. Today's Deal gives you the WeeHands At Home DVD for $12, that's 40% off.

The WeeHands At Home DVD teaches key vocabulary to use at home with baby, including getting started signs, food signs, family signs, and daily routine signs. The songs and language learning tips are fun and functional.
WeeHands At Home features more than 33 ASL signs to use at home with child (age 0-6 years), language development tips and strategies, as well as 10 children's songs signed from start to finish in American Sign Language!

How Teaching My Daughter ASL Saved my life

When I taught my daughter sign some people thought I was wasting my time, while others thought it a cute parlour trick. For us, it was a sanity saver-so much nicer to see my wee one signing she wanted milk, or an apple or ‘more please’, than listening to a tot scream in frustration! As she grew older, she talked earlier than many of her peers,and we found ASL handy for signing in church, across distances,and in crowded,noisy surroundings.It wasn’t until over twelve years later that we found out what an important lifesaving skill sign was.
One evening, during a family dinner, a piece of food slipped down the wrong way. I couldn’t breathe! I signed ‘HELP’, my daughter grabbed the phone and dialled 911,while I attempted to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre. Nothing budged. I signed ‘WATER’,just as things were starting to dim, my daughter poured water into my mouth,there was a gurgle, and the obstruction cleared.
‘Gee Mum, ‘my pre=teen gasped ‘I’ve never seen anyone turn blue before!’
Grab this great saving on Volume One of WeeHands at Home, from Toddler Social, before it’s gone! Get 40% off savings on WeeHands at Home DVD Save $8 off the regular price of $20 today! plus,if you refer a friend, you could get $10 towards your Toddler Social Purchases!

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