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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Museums Online

Many Museums have a wealth of online activities, so even it you live at a distance you can enjoy the wealth of knowledge contained within their walls.The Royal Ontario Museum lists the following online activities:

World Culture Activities

Ancient Egypt
Take an extensive look at the people, traditions and architecture of Ancient Egypt. This section includes activities, articles, and further resources.
Learn more

Homes of the Past: The Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse
A brief introduction to Iroquoian architecture based on archaeological evidence.
Learn more

Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past
Historic Archaeology is the study of people who lived during the past 200 years or so by looking at the artefacts they left behind. An artefact is anything made or used by people.
Learn more

Natural History Activities

Dino Activities and Games
Download these fun dino-themed colouring sheets, puzzles and word games!
Learn more

Trees For Toronto: The Trees of Queen’s Park
Learn how to identify some of the most popular tree growing in Queen’s Park throughout the seasons.
Learn more

Bird Song Quiz
Test your knowledge of Ontario bird songs from the ROM sound collection.
Take the Quiz

Comparative Anatomy of Bird Skulls
Discover what similarities a bird’s anatomy shares with other vertebrates and well as what makes bird anatomy unique.
Learn More

Fossils at the ROM
Learn how fossils are formed, how they are studied, collected and identified, and what makes the ROM’s collection important.
Learn more

From Bats to Rats
Follow Burton Lim, Assistant Curator of Mammalogy, through Guyana as he explores different regions on his search for new small mammals.
Learn more

Vietnam Discovery Adventure
Join us on a virtual field expedition to Vietnam to find the mossy frog and bring her back to the Discovery Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Learn more

More Online Activities

Fact? or Fiction?
Can you guess identify these objects? Review 20 items and guess which answer reveals the truth.
Play the game

The famous Terra Cotta Warriors are on exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum , Toronto until Jan 2nd. Get discount tickets the last week of its showing.

See details HERE.

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