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Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Make the Most of Yves Rocher Deals

Just got back from bargain hunting at Yves Rocher. They have some amazing deals. Here's a few tips to help you make the most of their savings:.(Discount codes in effect till Sept.30th)


1) Browse the Yves Rocher Online Store  with friends or do your Christmas shopping early..You can order up to 9 of each item for each % off selection ie 9 robes, 9 bags, 9 blankets each get 50% off) Scroll to the bottom of the page and select your country Then , poke around all the sections and find your favourites I  start with the Last Chance Shop.. The cart refreshes if you idle, so browse first, then add your items.image 2) Add your highest priced selections to the cart first.- You get 50% off your first 3 choices (up to 27 items) & 40% off the next 3 choices (up to 27 items)

3) Choose your free gift.Your order automatically comes with one gift and you get to chose a second one too!


If you order over a certain amount, a third bonus gift will pop into your cart.

(I ordered $45 and this fabulous beige getaway bag  popped into my cart)



4) Enter your coupon code -

Less than $25 or over $50 ? Use "Discount10" to get 10% off

$25-$50  Use "5off25" to get $5 off

5) Collect the cash from your friends & enter your credit card details. Choose the free credit for 3 months option. Put the cash in the bank and collect the interest. Pay your credit card bill with the cash in 3 months time- You'll have saved a bundle on your buys and made some interest as well.(Save even more by picking up a prepaid credit card at Shopper's Drugmart and bank your points.)

Shipping is only $4.95 flat rate - less than a trip to the store!

My fabulous frugal finds: .

Purifying Skin Treatment $2,Radiant Complexion Treatment $2, Eye Make up Remover  $2,Fizzy Bath $2,Wake Up Cream $3,15 pc.Sampler set $3,Black Transat Toiletries Bag $3,Mint Stimulating body wash $8,Blue Cedar Energizing Body wash $8,

Backpack Purse 35941 (7 1/2 "x 4.3" x10.2").$4

Striped Pillow Blanket $15

Cozy Blue Snowflake throw $15

Pink  Cozy Fleece Robe 19272 $20

Black Umbrella & Bag set F4928 $20

Last Chance Shop: Yves Rocher's Biggest Discounts

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