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Friday, June 19, 2009

Move over EBay- I'll Swap It Free!

Trade ya! Want something? Betcha someone out there has it, and if you play your cards right, you can get it FREE!  Bartering, a lost art, is  quickly gaining popularity in online communities. I discovered coupon swapping at SmartCanucks , but for bigger stuff you need the SwapSity magical matching machine. Move over EBay – SwapSity is the wave of the future!.

How to Swap

Swapping is simple. Plug in what you want, what you've got and start swapping. I like checking out the wish lists and initiating a swap that way.It's amazing what hidden talents and items you realize you have when you look at other's wish lists. Hmmm...someone's looking for language lessons- hey I speak Clingon !.Let's plug that into the magical matching machine and see if I get a nibble.

What to Swap

In a  recent SwapSity contest, swappers typed their fingers off and racked their brains to come up with the longest list of skills and items they had to swap. And quite the lists they are indeed- everything from the ridiculous (a dead Christmas tree) to the sublime (original works of art and spa treatments).

Some of the easiest things to swap are those that require little or no postage – Gift Cards,points, coupons, or services you can provide over the internet or locally. However, as gas prices soar, postage is a pittance..

Get a Job      Get Site Traffic

SwapSity is also a great place to network. Join one of the swap groups- trade skills and stuff.  Got a group idea?  Let them know. There may be a lot of other left-handed snooglehorn players who want to swap parts too. Job hunting? Advertise your skills – strut your stuff. Tell the world what you can do. Want increased traffic to your blog or website? Link your posting to your site.

FREE SwapCredits- Limited Time Only

For a limited time, SwapSity is giving FREE SwapCredits to folks.  Use credits to post, link to promote, and upload pics of your stuff and skills. It's a FreeBay! Now's the time to get out there and grab what you can get. It's all FREE! What're you going to swap? Farm fresh produce?How about that snowmobile? Last summer's clothes? An all inclusive weekend at your home in the country? Swap ya for some firewood-(gotta get rid of that Christmas tree somehow). Check out my my wish list and let's get swapping now! Soon you'll be saying:

" I  Swapped it at SwapSity!"

Watch for updates on my swap progress:

My best SwapSity Swaps - $20 Tim Horton's Gift certificate – list of swap items; eCommerce Quebec blogging job – priceless.

Want an invitation to the fun? Drop me a comment! Post your best swaps!

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