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Friday, July 18, 2008

DIY Air Conditioning

Ancient Romans had air conditioning. In the summer they would seal all their windows and doors, but open a hole in the center of their house down into a tunnel that traveled under their house for 20 feet or so, to the outside, and opened in a shady spot. This underground tunnel contained air cooled by the earth.
To draw cold air, through the underground tunnel, into the house they used the principle of "hot air rises". On the roof of the house they had a black painted 3 foot chimney.When the chimney heated up, the hot air inside the chimney (and house) would rise, and pull the cool air into their home. Since air in underground caves is 65F year-round, this cooled their homes considerably. When we were kids, we were able to blow the air from our basement through the ductwork of our oil furnace system, but since it was replaced with a gas furnace system , this is no longer possible.
If you're feeling a bit more adventurous check out this air conditioner constructed by a student.
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